Explore the ‘BATCAVE’ on Google Maps


You Can Explore The Inside Of The Batcave From ‘Batman V Superman’ On Google Maps!

Have you ever looked up the location of a celebrity on Google maps? Now you can use the search engine to scour the inside of Batman’s house and batcave as it appears in Batman v Superman!

Simply entering “Bruce Wayne’s Residence” in the search bar leads you to a 360-degree tour of the inside of Wayne’s Batcave. Apparently it’s in a rural area outside Detroit, but for our purposes it can be considered as sitting just a few miles from Gotham. If you live near there, why not check it out for real?

A quick mosey around, reveals the set of Ben Affleck’s domestic life from the new blockbuster DC bonanza. You can click through to the underground lair where things get really masculine. The Batcave contains none other than his Batmobile, the Robin suit vandalized by the Joker, all of the weapons from the Bat’s utility belt and his laboratory-cum-office.

Follow the straight-way path front of Batmobile. You are now in Mr. Wayne’s living room. It’s all very bachelor chic — dark leather, crushed suede and stone floors. The computer imagery is so high-def you can count the paperclips on his desk and see the brush marks on his carpet.

Check out the awesome images of the interior:




To inspect the not-so-secret Batcave yourself follow these steps:

1. Type in “Bruce Wayne’s Residence” into the search bar.


2. Click on “Residence” under the stars in the blue column on the right.


3. Click on the top option: “Bruce Wayne’s Residence”


4. Click on “See inside” in the column on the left


5. Click around the building to explore the cave!

The Reviews

Some jokers saw they were able to write about the place and have penned a “review” imagining what it would be like to go to this place.

At the time of writing, 985 have seen fit to tell the world what it was like to drink tea with lovely Mr. Wayne. With an average of 4.9 stars, reviewers were overwhelmingly positive. Here’s a sample:


You are taken to the Michigan countryside where the exterior shots of the Batcave were filmed. Included in it however, is a descent inside the lair and down into the Batcave, which was filmed on a soundstage.

If you are a comic book fan (like me) and dying to find out hows it from the inside, you are at the right place, just a few more scrolls and you are there!


If you are not satisfied with the images (and the movie), this will blew you away. If this dosen’t too then nothing in this world can.

Here’s the walkthrough to the BATCAVE:


Cool,Eh! Visit often for more awesome stuff.

This Batcave was for movie promotions only. It has now been removed from Google Maps!

So, if you haven’t seen it then you have missed an opportunity.

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Explore the 'BATCAVE' on Google Maps
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Explore the 'BATCAVE' on Google Maps
Have you ever looked up the location of a celebrity on Google maps? Use the search engine to scour the inside of Batman's house and batcave.
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