Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Review

batman v superman

What ‘The Dark Knight’ is to reality, ‘Batman V Superman’ is to Fiction

Rating:10/10 10/10

WARNING:*This review contain mild spoilers*. Only read if don’t care much.

Batman V Superman captures a true cinematic experience.

Batman is my all time favorite character. I had faith in Affleck that he would do good (I mean look at Argo)! I like Superman too.

The Dark Knight is still my all-time favorite movie and what Dark Knight did to Superhero genre is it created an utter reality which no movie has ever done before and none might do in future. And what Batman V Superman did, it kept the standards of pure comic-book-based-fiction superhero genre.

Zack Snyder made it quite dark, the reason for many to hate it (is it?). It does exceed expectations. Standing ovation to Ben Affleck for really giving the Batman we wanted. The biggest surprise was Wonder Woman/Gal Gadot as she did stole away the show. Henry Cavill again did quite the good work. Lex Luthor was sometimes great sometimes irritating. Both the showcase of future Justice League and making connection with Man of Steel was some exceptional work. Jeremy Irons was too good for Alfred’s role. And finally the movie’s connection to the comics (Dark Knight Returns, Injustice, New 52, Doomsday) gave comic book fans pleasure they deserved and at last Doomsday’s final form…..God that will give goosebumps for some coming days.

Did i miss someone? Actually no…. Hans Zimmer and Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL. Even after hours post-watching the movie, Guitar Drums Score is still playing in my head.

batman v superman ost

The Soundtrack was truly phenomenal

In the case of “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice,” Zimmer and Holkenborg play off of one another like The Joker and The Riddler using the inmates of Arkham in a life-sized chess match.

Epic Moments and Details:

1. The Greatest Gladiator Match in the History of the World

batman v superman review

The Fight was so EPIC!

Batman defeated Superman (again!) using Kryptonite Gas and his Mechanical suit. He almost killed Supes by the Kryptonite Spear, Lois arrived and saved the Man of Steel.  The fight was epic though.

2. Batman

batman v superman review

The most accurate from comics to live action BATMAN.

Ben Affleck did great bringing the comic book Batman to real life. He is the best, most brutal, vengeful, haunted by past (probably the death of Robin) and most accurate Batman till date.

3. Wonder Woman

batman v superman review

I’m in love

This was her silver big screen debut and guess what…she was the center of attraction and blew away everyone’s minds. Her Entrance in the final battle was the most memorable moment in the movie.

4. Superman

batman v superman review

Man of Steel in the Knightmare dream Sequence.

He is the shown as a God like alien, whom everyone fears. The strongest of all and made the ultimate sacrifice to save the world from the evil.

5. The Cameos

batman v superman

Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg

These cameos were shown in an unexpected way showcasing the future Justice League. Flash’s message from potential future inside Bruce’s dream was too great.

6. Batwing & Batmobile

batman v superman review

batman v superman review

Both Batwing and Batmobile versions of Zack Snyder’s movie were very different from that of Christopher Nolan Trilogy (I mean, look at the guns and sleek design), Still very much appreciable for the showcasing in DC Universe.

7. Batsuits

batman v superman

Batsuit inspired from The Dark Knight Returns Graphic Novel.


batman v superman reviews

Armoured Batsuit inspired from The Dark Knight Returns Graphic Novel


batman v superman dawn of justice

Knightmare Batsuit in Dream Sequence

Dawn of Justice made a grand opening internationally grossing more than $420 Millions over the weekend.

If you want to view Batcave from the movie, Just Click Here.

P.S. – It made me forget Marvel for sometime !

Don’t listen to the Critics and haters.Go see the movie and judge yourself….

Verdict – It was WORTH THE WAIT and looking forward to the R-rated ‘Ultimate Edition’


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Batman V Superman captures a true cinematic experience.
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